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Nightstar Solutions is here to assist you with all of your networking and computing needs. From a home network to a large Corporate network, no project is too big or too small. We will meet with you to understand your current and future goals and create a solution to meet those goals.


Nightstar Solutions has many years of experience in designing and implementing networks of all sizes and topologies. We also specialize in connecting people and offices together through Virtual Private Networks (VPN) over the internet. We can assist home users in setting up their home networks. There are many different ways to have multiple computers share an internet connection and ensure they are safe.


Tell us about your training needs, your ideal start-date, your unique set of challenges and the expected outcome, and we will develop a customized training course targeted to the specific needs of your staff within your scheduling constraints!. We believe the more your employees know about the technology and productivity tools they use on a daily basis for work, the more efficient your company will be. Whether you need top-level or in-depth training, Nightstar Solutions will train onsite to ensure you set your personnel and technology infrastructure in the right direction.