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Services We Provide

This page lists some of the services and solutions that we provide our customers with. Use the arrows below to browse through the services we provide for more details on how we can start helping you out today!

  • IT Services

    Organizations must understand their options in the types of IT services that can be provided and how to harness these services to achieve beneficial results while avoiding problems. Nightstar Solutions will tailor services to fit your individual needs with respect to your technology needs and budget. We cover all segments of the IT services market, including consulting, integration and development, network services, product support and outsourcing.Nightstar Solutions will never oversell nor under deliver; our solutions are as effective as they are sensible.

  • Network Infrastructure Design

    Whether you need help Improving your network efficiency, reducing your network complexity, enhancing your network security, availability and reliability, or just some help keeping up with the latest technologies and new-business needs, we can help you with your network needs. In the current business environment, connectivity and collaboration are becoming increasingly critical to business performance. Hence, you must continually evaluate your network infrastructure. Your network must not only meet today's business requirements, but also anticipate future needs, all in a cost-effective manner.

  • Server, Client Sales, and Service

    Computer desktops, servers, network hardware and storage equipment are business assets. Eventually, your existing computer assets will become obsolete in a few short years, and periodic upgrades or replacement of obsolete computer hardware is a necessity in virtually any business. Realizing that businesses routinely need to balance the cost of new equipment versus necessary performance, Nightstar Solutions carefully considers the requirements of each client and only suggests the purchase of new equipment when absolutely necessary.
    Nightstar Solutions stresses the importance of long term reliability, scalability and expandability of new equipment. We want to make certain that our clients receive the most value for their hardware budget by selling them only what they need to get the job done. When it comes to servicing your computer equipment, Nightstar Solutions will ensure that downtime due to computer issues and its impact to your business is minimized.

  • Software and Virtual Machines

    Nightstar Solutions focuses on utilizing software to its fullest potential. This will improve the efficiency of your existing hardware and drive down operating costs for your daily business. While our software and license pricing is among the most competitive in the industry, we're interested in much more than simply selling software titles. With Nightstar Solutions on your side, you won't believe how much untapped computing power lies within your existing computer systems, and how much money you'll save compared to the new hardware systems of today. Virtual machine software allows newer technology to work seamlessly with older technology, and allows multiple operating systems to be installed on a single computer. This enables you to consolidate your existing hardware and leverage your computing power without the need to replace or upgrade existing equipment. By both enabling your current computing infrastructure to do more work and extending the usable lifespan of your computer hardware, virtual machine solutions can drive down technology costs dramatically. Nightstar Solutions virtual machine specialists can transform your existing hardware infrastructure, using nothing but software to unleash the full potential of information systems and utilizing every ounce of computer power.

  • Wireless Solutions

    Wireless networking provides the freedom to work from anywhere within your office, away from the office, and across the globe. Wireless technology is at the forefront of the computing industry today because that freedom allows for increased productivity and flexibility, which translates to helping expand your business. However, the benefits of wireless technology come with the risk of being vulnerable to electronic attacks on your network and theft of your intellectual property. Nightstar Solutions approaches wireless technology from two perspectives. First, by appreciating enhancements to productivity provided by wireless technology and second, by stressing the importance of maintaining security measures to prevent intruders from accessing your network and data. 

  • Computer and IT Training

    You could have the most sophisticated, efficient, and secure computer system in the world but if your employees are not sufficiently trained to use that system, you are not gaining the full benefit of all of that expensive technology. Nightstar Solutions believes keeping personnel knowledgeable about the information systems they use is an integral part of the modern business infrastructure. In addition, being able to resolve simple issues as they arise without the need to place a service or support call saves time, productivity, and money. The more your employees know about the technology and productivity tools they use on a daily basis for work, the more efficient your entire computer infrastructure will be. Whether you need top-level or in-depth training, Nightstar Solutions will train onsite to ensure you set your personnel and technology infrastructure in the right direction.